Joris Joosten

Strategy Director at HOTEL HUNGARIA – Belgium

After finishing his studies in Literature, Joris started his career as a TV journalist, working on news shows and documentaries in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, amongst others. Always having been interested in the fast-moving world of advertising, he decided to make the switch and started as a concept provider. 

Combing his background in literature, TV and creativity, he soon took up the role of strategist and worked for both national and international brands at some of the biggest agencies & networks in Belgium, such as Happiness Brussels (FCB), FamousGrey, Air (McCann) and Boondoggle (Havas). He is currently Strategy Director at Hotel Hungaria, specialized in connecting people with brands. 

As a strategist, Joris believes in innovation, that describes a novel solution to a problem that is meaningful to people. He sees his job as helping clients be more innovative, so they are aligned with users’ values and task themselves with the challenges their users face.
Because people should be at the heart of everything we do.