Michael Kamm

CEO at Agence Trio – Switzerland

Michael Kamm’s communication experience began thirty years ago as a graphic designer on the shores of Geneva Lake in Switzerland. In 2003, this entrepreneur with extensive field experience took over the management of Agence Trio, the oldest communication agency in Switzerland, and then went on to become the sole owner two years later. 

Today, at the age of fifty-one and father to five children, he advocates for “strategical creativity” within the advertising environment and defends its values and interests. Michael Kamm does so as much in his day-to-day life in the agency, as well as in numerous industry associations. 

His passion and implication for the communication sector have recently gained him the title of “Publicitaire de l’année” (Publicist of the year) by the three most important communication associations in the country: Leading Swiss Agencies (LSA), Association of Swiss Advertisers (ASA) and KS/CS Communication Switzerland. 

In that capacity, Michael Kamm has become de facto the ambassador of communication in the French-speaking part of Switzerland in 2018.