Peter Curk

Marketing Director at Petrol d.d. – Slovenia

Prior to joining Petrol, Peter spent 15 years honing his marketing expertise, going from Head of CRM to Marketing Director at Si.mobil, one of the largest Slovene telecoms operators, finally acting as Adviser to the Board in drafting the company’s business strategy. 

During this time, he was also nominated for the title of Marketing Director of the Year. 6 years ago, he switched over to the agency side, joining the digital marketing agency Renderspace, which went on to win several awards as the Digital Agency of the Year. 

Peter also enjoys working with startups, having helped upgrade the marketing at GoOpti and assist the company in expanding to the Italian market. He spent the last few years working at Deloitte, advising clients on e-business, the development of new business models and services, as well as analytics and data management. 

Before coming to Petrol, Peter co-founded the company Dia-Vit Ltd whose mission, supported by Samsung Ventures Europe, is to develop the technology for a non-invasive method of measuring blood sugar.