Dina Dretvić

Strategic Planning Director at Imago Ogilvy – Croatia

Dina has started working in Imago Ogilvy 11 years ago, working her way up to the current position of Strategic Planning Director. During her career, she worked on various clients from different industries, whilst satisfying her thirst for knowledge. Also, in the meantime she was also perfecting her taste in music and secretly implementing a perfect dose of women-power around the office. 

What else? Well, she has been a part of the Croatia Effie jury 4 times and has won pretty amazing Effie awards such as Grand Prix and Effie for long-term effectiveness. There’s one thing you need to know: people don’t get the term “long-term”. Obviously, until they meet Dina. For example, she can make an effective gin tonic that will give you just the right amount of gin to keep you going for the day but also give you an insight that can turn your creative idea around in a most effective way possible: to make it last for years (or until the budget runs out). And yeah, she will do those things at the same time. 

To sum up, a strategic thinker and effective juror.