Iva Barbarić

Head of Marketing at Zagrebačka banka (UniCredit Group) – Croatia

Iva has extensive professional experience working in diverse international companies. Her advertising career made a full circle, starting from research agency Agb Nielsen, through media agency MediaCom, media TV station RTL and finally to the client-side in Zagrebačka banka, member of UniCredit Group. Diversity of companies she worked for, alongside experiences and skills gathered during that time, culminated in her current position as Head of marketing department in Zagrebačka banka, leading Croatian bank. 

Iva is marketing oriented to the core, but her specialty includes developing different marketing and communication strategies and their realisation, with main focus on reach and clarity of message, whilst delivering acquisition and increasing sales of finance products.

She, alongside her team members, is also responsible that modern communication standards were adopted by Zagrebačka banka, which resulted with award winning campaigns. Also, for the past two years, Zagrebačka banka is leading in all Brand awareness categories, no matter which source we look at.  

Iva has been a Jury member of EFFIE Croatia Awards in 2019 and in 2020 has become President of EFFIE Croatia Awards.