Tanja Vidmar Šinigoj

Marketing Director at Fructal – Slovenia

Tanja completed her education at the Faculty of Economics and after a few years of practice upgraded her education to the postgraduate level.

In her professional career she has implemented and expanded her theoretical knowledge through the leadership of numerous marketing projects. She has been employed at Fructal, the leading Slovenian producer of juices, cereal bars and baby food, for 16 years, 12 of which in a dynamic marketing environment, first as a Brand Manager and then as a conscientious, efficient and results-oriented Marketing Manager. She is continually faced with defining visions and long term goals, setting strategies, managing and coordinating projects involving key Fructal brands, with a leading position both in Slovenia and some also in the region.

She has a high level of articulacy and is able to create engaging communications that achieve desired objectives. As an external expert she occasionally shares her knowledge with students of Marketing. She believes in thoughtful innovation, supported by optimism within the team and a comprehensive marketing communication campaign.