Vesna Marđonović

President of Effie Slovenia

After five years of living and working in Poland, Vesna returned to Slovenia. From Warsaw, Vesna led the media activities of GlaxoSmithKline for 30 countries in Eastern and Central Europe. As a member of the Management Board for Eastern and Central Europe, Vesna was also a diversity and inclusion champion CEE, she was mentoring colleagues and leading the global media education process for media teams and other stakeholders such as marketing, finance, procurement and management. She has been doing this work since 2010, the first years from Ljubljana. However she is passionate about marketing and management since 1994, when as Country Manager launched the Stimorol chewing gum brand in Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia. New beginnings inspire her, and as Marketing Director for the Adriatic and the Balkans, she launched the Aquafresh, Sensodyne, Corega and Paradontax oral hygiene brands and led them to the position of leading brands in their categories in all markets; founded and led the development of media agencies Omnicom Media Group, OMD and PHD in Slovenia and the markets of the former Yugoslavia and Albania.  Then she took up coaching in her company. She obtained a London Academy of Executive Coaching license and covered mainly the areas of management, marketing and media. 

In the two years since leaving GSK, Vesna has engaged in yet again several different projects, latest being launching Business Genome. A unique framework that enables you to decode, design, and manage corporate DNA and build organisations, develop brands and grow businesses in line with values.  Vesna Marđonović knows Effie well, as she was involved in the implementation of Effie Slovenia 2006 and 2008, and is currently in a role of President Effie Slovenia Award 2020.