Andis Laveiķis

CEO, Initiative Latvia

Andis is an experienced media professional from Latvia who has gone through all the development stages of media professional: started as media planner in Carat (digital and offline channels), than worked as media project director in Carat and gained experience to work with various category clients ( AUDI, VW, LEGO, PHILIPS, OSRAM, ADIDAS to name a few), then continued his career in media agency industry as the head of business development in Initiative Latvia. Because of his great track record over the last three years of making Initiative Latvia the fastest growing and leading media agency in the country, he was able to acquire the Initiative Latvia CEO position in June, where he is responsible for the development, growth and business vision for the agency.

Andis likes to quote Howard Gossage: “People don’t read advertising- they read what interests them, and sometimes that’s advertising” – meaning that he believes that the most effective advertising is the one that the target audience finds relevant to them at the particular time and place. In Andis’ opinion, relevance can be achieved through different approaches and can be found in creative messages, visuals, media solutions, performance strategies etc.