Natalia Paliy

Head of Marketing, Philips – Ukraine

Natalia is a people leader with marketing in her heart, leading teams to achieve the best (for themselves and for the company).

During her 18 years in marketing and management in FMCG and consumer electronics, she built her career from Trainee to Marketing Director, Regional Marketing Manager responsible for 19 countries, and Country Leader.

Her scope of work includes effective marketing systems build-up (JDE and Philips Ukraine), business growth of brand leaders on the market (Korona chocolate, Jacobs coffee, Lyuks potato chips, Philips consumer electronics), strategic longer-term brand build-up (Korona, Lyuks, Jacobs) and market development and penetration strategies (Philips).  

Her biggest achievements include strong marketing teams built in Philips Ukraine and Jacobs Ukraine, as well as consistent business results for most of positions she worked for and Company transformation (after Philips DA business disentanglement in 2021).