Tomasz Dębowski

Marketing Director, McDonald’s Poland

Tomasz started his career at Nestle and spent 6 years working in the culinary business, incl. a 6-month assignment at Nestle HQ in Switzerland, where he worked with emerging markets of Africa, South-East Asia and South America. Then he moved to Heineken, where in four years he managed both local and global brands (incl. Heineken). Prior to joining McDonald’s, he spent two years working as a CMO and member of the board at an e-commerce (e-grocery) start-up, co-owned by a private equity fund and the largest Polish food distributor. 

Tomasz joined McDonald’s in January 2018 and has been working as the Marketing Director, overseeing the Marketing, Menu, CBI and Digital teams. In 2020, after being awarded with 5 Effies, McDonald’s was named the most effective brand of the year in Poland.

Father of two children.

Hobbies: Motorsports, Basketball