Aleš Petejan

Head of Marketing, Mastercard Slovenia

Aleš has been active in several marketing areas for more than 15 years and has experienced marketing from both agency and client points of view. Starting his career as a young researcher, he has written various expert publications, such as articles and conference papers. Later, he was the head of the business network at KBM-Leasing, and ventured into agency business in 2009. He worked at Mayer McCann from 2010 and gained valuable experience in his last role as client service director where he led strategic projects for the most important clients. His expertise and an eye for creative ideas have won him several festival awards.

At the beginning of 2018, Aleš took over marketing and communications at Mastercard Slovenia. Together with the Slovenian Advertising Chamber, he created the first cashless creative festival Golden Drum. With his extensive experience, high professional standards and great enthusiasm, he continues to push boundaries and create memorable marketing campaigns.