Nassia Karanikoli

Strategic Planning Director at DDB Athens

Nassia started her professional career working for the 2004 Olympic Games Sponsoring and Marketing Team. 

She then deep dived in the qualitative consumer research, using a unique research methodology based on psychology 

and working with clients such as Coca Cola, P&G and Unilever, mainly abroad in the always exciting region of Turkey and Eurasia.

For the last 15 years she is part of the Strategy and Planning team of DDB Athens and she has worked for a growing  number of larger and smaller local and international brands.

Her main responsibility is strategic planning, including appropriate use of research tools and identification of insights. 

The main objective always remains the creation of brand and communication presence more relevant to consumers and more effective for business.

She is intrigued and genuinely interested in anything relevant to the unmasking of the irrational way the human mind works and the behavioural economics stemming from this. For individuals, for teams, for brands.