Rinalda Klemenčič

Director of Innovations and Strategic Marketing- Zavarovalnica Sava

Rinalda has more than 25 years of experience in Marketing, Marketing Communication, Customer Experience and lately also Innovation. She is an experienced specialist on strategic and operational levels, both through different service industries. Currently she holds the position of Director of Innovations and Strategic Marketing at Insurance Company Sava Slovenia.

She has since ever worked in different service industries that she adores, especially since Customer Experience Strategy become a new and best Brand strategy in the last years. The Brand promise and the Brand delivery is the field she is continuing to add an extra mile. In the last few years she is very into Product and Service Innovation, where agile and lean culture of FinTech / StartUp she is inspired to.

Rinalda loves to contribute to better marketing standards and practices – locally and globally, on effectiveness as well. That’s is why she is currently a lecturer and a mentor in an international business program InTa (Innovation Talents) thorough MOI (Magic of Innovations, Wien, Austria), through which she helps young innovators in insurance industry to grow their competence in such fields like customer experience strategies, effective business solutions, Design Thinking, behavioral marketing and power of cultural contexts. In the last three years she was a valuable jury member on Diggit and Websi (local competitions in digital marketing) and internationally Web Retailer Award. Her expertise was much appreciated in last (local) Effie Slovenia competition as well. 

Key areas of expertise & experiences (through key words): marketing, marketing communications, innovation, customer experience, customer centricity, brand management, service marketing, product marketing, on-line sales, direct marketing, digital marketing.