Darja Teržan

Executive Director of Business Unit Donat Atlantic Grupa, d. d.

Darja Teržan, Executive Director of the Donat Business Unit at Atlantic Grupa, is currently focusing on specific functionalities and the international expansion and strengthening of the Donat brand position.

She started her career in an international environment, gaining her first experience in marketing as a brand manager before assuming team leadership in the marketing department. Her focus was on research in Category/Shopper marketing, where she worked, in a spirit of integration, to bring marketing closer to sales and vice versa, thus gaining important sales experience.

She made a major career change when she left the international environment to work in the local dairy industry, gaining knowledge and professional experience in research and product development, production, procurement and building relationships with producers and cooperatives.

Darja has extensive experience and a proven track record in brand development, as evidenced by numerous awards: the 2012 Gold Effie for long-term brand strategy, the 2014 Most Effective Brand, and the 2016 Silver Effie for entering a new category. In 2013, she was also recognised by the industry and awarded the Marketing Director of the Year Award. Since then, she brings marketing excellence to the top management level with leading business role.