Elena Plakhova

Director for Corporate Communications- Nova poshta

Elena Plakhova has more than 20 years of successful experience in communications.  

She has deep expertise in strategic reputation management and crisis management.  

She has managed this area in leading Ukrainian companies, including Continuum, Corum Group and Starlight Media. 

Since 2020, she is a Director of Reputation Management and Marketing of Nova Poshta Group of Companies.  

In 2021, she successfully transformed product-focused marketing function.  

She is managing all communications of the company: external, internal, marketing, government relations and corporate culture management. 

Her professional achievements include supporting companies entering international markets, rebranding and GR projects. 

Olena also has experience in transforming corporate cultures, communicating business model changes, company management models and changing the social behavior of a certain group of employees; she also launched new products and relaunched existing ones. 

She has been named twice as a PR Director of the Year at the X-RAY Marketing Awards in 2015 and 2020. In 2021, her marketing and communication team became the best at the Effie Awards Ukraine, and the projects received 35 awards in national and international rankings.  

She has an education in the field of communications, as well as education as a psychologist and teacher.  

She is author of numerous expert columns and articles on reputation management, anti-crisis communications, etc.