Fanny Camus

Chief Strategy Officer Ogilvy Paris

Fanny Camus Tournier is Chief Strategy Officer at Ogilvy Paris and a member of the agency’s Executive Management Committee. She brings years of award-winning strategic experience making her a highly respected barometer check to any strategic discussion. 
People, not consumers, are at the core of her strategies. According to Fanny, knowing them insists no other choice than having simple yet bold communication ideas. “It asks to choose, its asks to renounce, it asks to acknowledge that ‘strategy is sacrifice’ ” says Fanny in a tribute to David Ogilvy. Allianz, Converse, Delsey, Perrier are just a few of the beautiful brands Fanny has worked with to help them create a positive impact. In addition to her daily tasks, Fanny is an active member of the CPS, the French Strategic Planning Committee, which aims to promote strategic planning in France and reward the best brand strategies of the year.