2023 Best of Europe: Automotive

Škoda Zaterdag 

Summary: Škoda transformed from a   practical car choice to an emotional, value-focused brand by associating itself with Dutch consumers’ vibrant Saturdays. They developed a   Saturday-themed brand platform, including campaigns, sponsorships,   promotions, and model launches. This shift led to significant improvements in key brand metrics: brand consideration +6%, likability +0.4%, and brand attractiveness +0.6%. Despite a 9% decline in the overall automotive market,   Škoda achieved an impressive +22% sales growth in 2021. Consequently, Škoda evolved from a mid-tier contender into a beloved top 5 brand in the Netherlands. 

Grown from a mid-tier contender to a top 5 car brand within just 6 years. 

Lead Agency(s): Selmore Creative Agency 

Client / Brand: Skoda 

Effie Award(s): Silver