Introduced in 1996 to reward advertising that builds brands across borders, the Effie Awards Europe were the first pan-European advertising awards to be judged on the basis of effectiveness. The EFFIE award, introduced in 1968 by the New York American Marketing Association and now celebrated in almost 40 countries, is the symbol of proven advertising effectiveness and a tribute to the client & agency partnership. In addition to the Euro Effies, there are regional programmes in Asia Pacific, and the Middle East North Africa.

The goal of marketing communications is to help marketers achieve their marketing objectives. The philosophy behind the Effie Awards Europe is that marketing communications should be recognised for their ability to achieve those objectives, beyond any reasonable doubt, and for their important role in marketing. The EFFIE programme supports and promotes the role of advertising as an effective and efficient use of marketing resources.

The governing principles of the Effie Awards Europe programme are:

  • Effie Awards Europe exist to promote and recognise excellence in marketing communications among campaigns that have run and can prove effectiveness in at least two European countries.
  • EFFIE stands for a consistent philosophy and a rigorous set of practices, built around the demonstrated ability of advertising to achieve marketing goals.
  • EFFIE is first and foremost an effectiveness award, based upon proven results in the market place. Creative execution is seen as part of the EFFIES process and is factored into the judgement for an EFFIE award.

EFFIE encourages the dissemination of learning about best practices in advertising effectiveness.

To be considered for an Effie, campaigns must offer proof of having met or exceeded clearly stated objectives. Judging procedures are primarily based on objective evidence of performance against goals.