2023 Best of Europe: Food & Beverage

How a Brand of Mini Stature Beat the Major Players with Cheesy Humour 

Summary: During lockdown, snack sales surged, but one brand was left behind. Pigeonholed as a children’s packed-lunch treat, Mini Cheddars failed to resonate with adults, who are Britain’s biggest snack consumers. Urgently needing a revival, the brand faced daunting challenges: a minuscule market share, 2% spontaneous awareness, and a modest marketing budget dwarfed by competitors. With a delicate balance to strike, a new campaign created a vibrant cheesy world shot through with an undercurrent of edgy humour. Once underperforming, Mini Cheddars, exceeded all expectations and outperformed the entire snack category. 

Generated category-leading revenue growth (+21%) in a market whose growth had slowed to just 4.1% 

Lead Agency(s): TBWA London 

Contributing Agency(s): MG OMD 

Client / Brand: Pladis / Mini Cheddars 

Effie Award(s): Gold