2023 Best of Europe: Seasonal/Current Events 


Summary: VIF – the Network to Prevent and Tackle Violence against Women – aimed to generate reach/awareness and petition signatures to stop virginity testing in Romania without the state’s support or budget. By emphasizing that virginity testing is an unscientific, harmful rite of passage compared with the Baccalaureate exam (a good rite of passage), VIF gathered an 18 million audience (2x goal), 83,500€ earned media, over 44,000 signatures (4x goal), stopping the procedure within 5 campaign days. The state decided also to ban the law, order pending Parliament voting in 2023. 

Stopped virginity testing in 5 days. Convinced state to change the law. Pending Parliament vote! 

Lead Agency(s): DDB Romania  

Contributing Agency(s): Porter Novelli Public Relations; Media Investment; ABIS STUDIO 

Client / Brand: VIF – the  Network to Prevent and Tackle Violence against Women 

Effie Award(s): Gold

Deals stuck in time

Summary: “As food prices soared, Swedes were increasingly nostalgic about McDonald’s old prices in McDonald’s social channels.  

To increase value for money, visit intent, and encourage more Swedes to download and use McDonald’s app, we launched Deals stuck in time to reactivate over a decade of McDonald’s old outdoor ads. 

By turning yesterday’s deals into McDonald’s best deals today, 840,000 time-travels were made. Active app users increased by +28%, value for money rose from 43% to 56% and visit intent increased from 41% to 53%, leading to +17,1% in sales growth.” 

Moved value for money from 43% to 56% and visit intent from 41% to 53%. 

Lead Agency(s): NORD DDB Stockholm  

Contributing Agency(s): OMD Sweden; Prime Weber Shandwick 

Client / Brand: McDonald’s (Sweden) / Deals stuck in time 

Effie Award(s): Bronze

Kevin versus John – How a humble carrot usurped a national treasure to win the UK’s Christmas Ad crown

Summary: “By consistently investing in Kevin for 6 years, and not being seduced by the desire for novelty and innovation, Aldi took on the established giants  John Lewis and Coca Cola to become the UK’s most effective and favourite Christmas advertising.  

Kevin was declared ‘The Nation’s Favourite Christmas Ad’ in 2020, and again in 2021, even surpassing the iconic ‘Coke Truck’. Most importantly Kevin helped to deliver a 6-year value share growth of 54%, £618m in incremental revenue and an overall ROMI of 241%.  

Not bad for a humble vegetable.”  

6-year value share growth of 54%, £618m incremental revenue and overall ROMI of 241%. 

Lead Agency(s): McCann Manchester  

Contributing Agency(s): UM 

Client / Brand: Aldi UK Ltd. / Aldi Sud 

Effie Award(s): Silver

We instead of me 

Summary: Galychyna, one of Ukraine’s largest dairy brands, initiated a unifying campaign amidst a full-scale war. It renamed itself after every historical region in the country, creating a viral campaign that united the nation on supermarket shelves. Galychyna’s ‘WE instead of ME’ campaign bolstered the brand’s top awareness ranking in its category and garnered 34 million media impressions nationwide.  

Solidified top category awareness; viral campaign amassed over 34 million media impressions. 

Lead Agency(s): Bickerstaff.734  

Contributing Agency(s): MOKO Ukraine 

Client / Brand: Galychyna / We instead of me 

Effie Award(s): Silver