2023 Best of Europe: Small Budget


Summary: “Nemira Publishing House wanted to allow Romanian writers to be seen and discovered by a broader audience. But promoting local writers is challenging when you have zero promo budget and face the lowest interest in reading within the European Union. 

We launched Bookvertising, the first platform in the world where brands could enter and choose Nemira books to replace props in their ads, contributing to a good cause - promoting reading. 

Brands and media joined our effort and further spread the message.” 

Nemira’s Romanian books achieved 1.5M viewership in 2 months, +20% YoY sales growth. 

Lead Agency(s): Saatchi Creative Hub 

Client / Brand: Nemira Publishing House 

Effie Award(s): Bronze

Save Your Fathers Day: How an awkward conversation sparked cancer awareness amongst Danish dads

Summary: For the third year in a row the Danish Cancer Society transformed Father’s Day into “Save Your Father’s Day,” inviting children and relatives to remind all fathers in the country to see a doctor if they notice bodily changes that could be signs of cancer. Through a single film on SoMe the campaign ensured that 78,200 Danes engaged in conversations with their fathers or loved ones about cancer symptoms. This meant that, when measured across the entire campaign investment, we’ve essentially spent just €0,94 per conversation about cancer symptoms generated.  

Sparked 78,200 conversations about cancer symptoms, meaning that we’ve spent just €0,94 per conversation generated. 

Lead Agency(s): Robert / Boisen & Like-minded  

Contributing Agency(s): Gobsmack Productions 

Client / Brand: The Danish Cancer Society (PSA) 

Effie Award(s): Silver