2023 Best of Europe: Sustained Success

Family Saga

Summary: “By creating the Crédit Mutuel family saga at a time when French people tended to be indifferent or even suspicious about banks, we wanted the Crédit Mutuel model to be an efficient and desirable alternative in the banking sector:   being a customer of a bank which belongs to you, it changes the relationship with the bank. A resounding success because 12 years later, Crédit Mutuel is the French consumers’   favourite bank, yet only the fifth largest media budget in the sector. (Kantar Media, 2022)”  

Make people understand that a new bank model is possible. 

Lead Agency(s): Havas Paris 

Client / Brand: Crédit Mutuel 

Effie Award(s): Silver

Fossil free living within one generation  

Summary: “In 2018, based on a new brand strategy, Vattenfall embarked on a positive brand journey. Set to unburden people, spread optimism and show how it thinks beyond its own category. All under the platform “Fossil free living within one generation”. 

Year by year this mission was loaded with new meaning, making sure it stayed in-tune with the current zeitgeist.  

The result: dramatic increases in key metrics such as consideration, reputation, brand attributes and internal engagement. Making Vattenfall one of Sweden’s most valuable brands with a higher growth rate than Spotify.” 

Moved consideration from 31% to 46%, becoming the third most valuable brand in Sweden. 

Lead Agency(s): NORD DDB Stockholm 

Client / Brand: Vattenfall / Fossil free living within one generation 

Effie Award(s): Bronze

Kevin versus John – How a humble carrot usurped a national treasure to win the UK’s Christmas Ad crown

Summary: “By consistently investing in Kevin for 6 years, and not being seduced by the desire for novelty and innovation, Aldi took on the established giants  John Lewis and Coca Cola to become the UK’s most effective and favourite Christmas advertising.  

Kevin was declared ‘The Nation’s Favourite Christmas Ad’ in 2020, and again in 2021, even surpassing the iconic ‘Coke Truck’. Most importantly Kevin helped to deliver a 6-year value share growth of 54%, £618m in incremental revenue and an overall ROMI of 241%.  

Not bad for a humble vegetable.”  

6-year value share growth of 54%, £618m incremental revenue and overall ROMI of 241%. 

Lead Agency(s): McCann Manchester  

Contributing Agency(s): UM 

Client / Brand: Aldi UK Ltd. / Aldi Sud 

Effie Award(s): Gold