2023 Multimarket: Retail

I love you but

Summary: Historically, it’s tough to significantly progress key brand metrics with a single campaign for a category leader like IKEA. But that’s exactly what ‘I Love You But …’ achieved in Belgium in just five months. By successfully using Belgian insights into cohabitation frustrations to localize an appealing multi-market concept, and cost-effectively implementing a 360° campaign, IKEA reversed negative trends and scored exceptional positive shifts in ‘local enabler’ (+4 pts)49, ‘emotional meaning’ (+4 pts = highest ever score)50, and generated 32,1 million euros incremental turnover 51. 

Reversed a strong declining trend and achieved exceptional brand building results in only 4 months 

Lead Agency(s): Ogilvy Social Lab 

Contributing Agency(s): Oona, Mindshare Belgium 

Client / Brand: IKEA Belgium 

Effie Award(s): Bronze