2023 Multimarket: Travel, Transport & Tourism

Dogcation: How a travel agency got pet owners out travelling with a 627% ROMI

Summary: “The Dogcation-campaign is a great example of the great results that await when a brand identifies a common ground between a genuine commercial challenge and strong consumer interests. The case also demonstrates clear causality between the campaign and commercial results. 

By launching the Dogcation-competition on SoMe, Spies was met with overwhelming engagement from Scandinavian pet-owners. They not only participated in the competition, but also used their vouchers to purchase Spies-vacations afterward. 

Did it work? Kind of: 

75,7% view-duration11,000 SoMe-engagements+33,000 participants50+ million DKK in generated salesROMI: 627%” Generated a 50 mio DKK sales lift (€6,7 mio) with a 627% ROMI.  

Lead Agency(s): Robert / Boisen & Like-minded 

Contributing Agency(s): Gobsmack Productions 

Client / Brand: Nordic Leisure Travel Group (Spies) 

Effie Award(s): Silver