2023 Positive Change: Environmental – Brands 

Unplug Denmark

Summary: In 2022, Norlys found itself facing a critical issue – society faced energy shutdowns and Norlys was on the brink of becoming the face of the crisis. To turn the tide Norlys created a national donation drive on January 1st and turned every saved kWh into a currency of helping those in need and show doing less collectively can do more. To spur change Norlys unplugged Denmark’s biggest musicians in concerts on national TV’s ad breaks. The results? 17% reduction in energy turned into 45 million to those in need.” 

Reduced national energy consumption by 17% 

Lead Agency(s): Accenture Song 

Contributing Agency(s): Orchestra, Help PR, WeCode, Red Cross 

Client / Brand: Norlys 

Effie Award(s): Bronze

Stop Endocrine Disruptors

Summary: “Addressing silenced by industry, but growing threat to human health caused by endocrine disruptors (ED) in household chemicals, Clovin mobilized the public opinion and established new safety standard (ED-free label) for mass-market detergents. Hundreds of thousands consumers switched to greener and safer products.On the declining market Clovin, small regional player, scratched 4% SOV media budget and tripled its volume shares to 4,8%, becoming a benchmark for green chemicals safety for generations to come.  
It took us 6 weeks and 100 bottles of toxic perfumes to initiate EU legislation change #fastestlobbying”  

Small regional player led chemical industry to new eco-safety standard, tripling shares on declining market 

Lead Agency(s): FCB&TheMilkman 

Contributing Agency(s): Mobile Rockets 

Client / Brand: Clovin S.A. 

Effie Award(s): Gold

No Trash – No Problem

Summary: “In Latvia, a large amount of waste is buried at landfill, and since people do not face the problem directly, they do not act. 

To make people face the problem, we planned 3 phases: first, we scared people with a new landfill soon to be built nearby the residents; second, we educated them; and lastly – we reminded them to build habits. 

We reached 61% of the total defined audience, 37% of people committed to reducing waste after the campaign, and the unsorted waste at the landfill decreased by 2%.” 

31-43% of people committed to reducing waste post-campaign by recycling, reusing or purchasing less 

Lead Agency(s): White Label / McCANN Riga 

Contributing Agency(s): Mindshare Latvia, Golin Riga 

Client / Brand: Getlini EKO 

Effie Award(s): Silver