Stop Endocrine Disruptors

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How Clovin Led the Charge Against Endocrine Disruptors in Household Chemicals 

2023 Gold Effie

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Stop Endocrine Disruptors


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Clovin S.A.


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Clovin, a Polish producer of green household chemicals, recognized the urgent need to address the growing threat of endocrine disruptors (ED) in everyday products. Despite the alarming health risks associated with these chemicals, there was a lack of awareness among consumers and insufficient regulation at the European level. Leveraging their state-of-the-art technology to produce ED-free products, Clovin embarked on a campaign to raise awareness and ignite mass-market demand for safer alternatives.

Choosing the target audience

The campaign targeted mothers of young children and pregnant women, who are not only traditionally influential in household shopping decisions but also particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of ED. By highlighting the irreversible health damages ED can cause during pregnancy and early childhood development, Clovin aimed to evoke an emotional response and drive consumer demand for safer products. The disruptive strategy was to target also mothers among politicians and European Parliament Members, to leverage the emotional response to legislative challenge.
They needed both change in the legislation and in consumer demand.

Bringing the idea to life

This involved a multifaceted strategy that combined attention-grabbing PR stunts, targeted advocacy efforts, and innovative marketing tactics. Clovin orchestrated a bold move by producing 100 bottles of toxic perfume made from legal ingredients, which they sent as Mother's Day gifts to Members of European Parliament, urging action on endocrine disruptors. This provocative gesture garnered widespread media coverage and galvanised public support for safer chemical regulations. Leveraging social media platforms and influencer partnerships, Clovin amplified their message, rallying consumers—particularly mothers—to demand ED-free products. Subsequently, Clovin unveiled their line of TUV Nord-certified ED-free detergents through a compelling TV and digital advertising campaign, strategically targeting mothers as the primary audience. By effectively activating key demographics and setting new safety standards, Clovin not only sparked legislative change but also witnessed significant market growth, solidifying their position as a leader in green household chemicals.



The campaign resulted in 2k petition signatures being collected in one day - The petition was passed to the European Parliament

The result speak for themselves:

1. Market Share Growth: Despite a market decline of 5% in volume sales, Clovin achieved a remarkable feat by tripling its volume shares to 4.8% in March 2023 compared to May 2022. This growth was exclusively attributed to the success of their ED-free detergents, indicating a significant shift in consumer preferences towards safer products.

2. Legislative Impact: Clovin's campaign ignited substantial changes in legislation, culminating in the drafting of a new EU Parliament legislation in December 2022. This draft mandated producers to provide warnings about endocrine disruptor (ED) chemicals in a manner similar to carcinogens and toxic substances. Such legislative changes highlight the profound impact of Clovin's advocacy efforts on chemical safety regulations at a European level.

3. Certification and Distribution Expansion: Clovin's collaboration with TUV Nord to develop the first screening procedure for endocrine disruptors in detergents not only enhanced their product safety but also provided them with a competitive advantage. This resulted in a significant increase in distribution, with a 270% expansion in points of sale and a remarkable 174% growth in sell-in of ED-free products. This expansion underscored the market demand for safer alternatives and solidified Clovin's position as a leader in green and sustainable household chemicals.

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"Very impactful campaign which perfectly illustrates the possible combination between business and social responsibility issues"

"Entry showcases a strategic brilliance that is commendable, offering a clear path to achieve well-defined objectives.  The entry provides compelling evidence of measurable impact, showcasing a direct correlation between your campaign and impressive results."

"A great example of how to catch the wind of change and consumer awareness. A good signal to all producers of consumer goods to innovate in terms of healthier and more ecologically acceptable products. If Goliath is not first, David will overtake him..."

"The delivery of the key message is very confronting. Poison is such a charged word and it really captured your attention when you see it juxtaposed against the baby pink art direction. Creative execution was wonderfully memorable."

"Disruptive creative idea. Reaching higher instances than just a consumer with an aim focused not only on sales increase but on real status quo change."