The Effie Awards Europe champions the practice and practitioners of marketing effectiveness and awards the year's most effective ideas. The process is designed to help all entrants enter their effective work effectively. Judging is completed both confidentially and anonymously. Entrants are encouraged to contact the Effie Awards Europe team with questions on entering their work effectively.



  1. All judges are required to sign confidentiality agreements before judging begins. Judges cannot remove materials from the judging session and are specifically matched with entries and categories that do not pose a conflict of interest where they would need to recuse.
  2. The judging process does not permit jury members to discuss the entries in round 1.
  3. Discussion is an important component of the judging event in round 2 but the jury votes remain anonymous and confidential. Jurors are asked to sign a confidentiality form before the judging begins.

Submitted Material

Entries that are finalists and winners in the Effie Awards Europe competition will be showcased in various ways. Work submitted must be original or you must have received rights and permission to submit it.


Creative Material & Case

  1. Information in the entry form (case and creative material) will remain confidential until the end of both judging rounds. However, all winning entries must make available all entry information including evidence of results for publication in the Effie Awards Europe book. Before any information is published, we will request approval from the agency and the client.
  2. Creative material, when submitted, becomes the property of EACA. EACA reserves the right to make copies of selected creative material for educational and publicity purposes
  3. If the campaign is a winner, a short 1-minute video will be created by the Effie Awards Europe team from the case text and creative materials submitted. This is shown at the awards gala and goes on the website. Generally, this includes snippets of video material, spots, press/OOH ads, digital etc. to illustrate the voice-over. An example of this can be found here.