Currently at Effie, we award advertising campaigns, but business success is not just about corporate communication activities. Today, marketing is present in all market activities of modern enterprises - it is present in shaping of sales mechanisms, product and pricing policy, CRM, selection of distribution channels, customer experience and many other areas.


That is why we are establishing a new category, aimed to show the entire spectrum of business activities where marketing plays a key, albeit not the only role. We want to present integrated activities in many business areas - to ask the judges to find a perfect selection of marketing-mix elements that meets the business assumptions and through appropriate execution lead to the definite success of the brand/company. Our goal is evaluation in terms of effectiveness of the marketing activities that have been appropriately communicated inside the organisation, to partners and consumers.


That is why we also want to award bold, innovative marketing and business decisions that bring unprecedented results in spite of any communications activities. Small and big steps that are not widely known, because they are not publicised in the media.


It is about ideas and activities that have the potential to change the company, but also may change the market characteristics and even consumer behavior.

Current business models change under the influence of market and consumer changes, expanding access to new technological solutions - therefore, what matters most is the identification of an opportunity that exists on the market, and success achieved through well-defined goals and properly selected tools.


In this way, we invite to Effie also start-ups, B2B companies, and companies that produce goods on a white label basis.
Finally, we want to appreciate the fact that in today's world the boundary between marketing and strategic management is getting blurry
. Many companies look at all their activities through the lens of brand and marketing.


The aim of the new award dedicated to marketers is to award the most effective companies in which marketing is the leader of change, the most effective Marketing and Business Leaders.

In this category it is possible to submit activities such as, for example, change of packaging, both in terms of its appearance and size; introduction of a loyalty program or change in the loyalty program; introduction of a new distribution channel; use of e-commerce; use of modern technology at the point of sale; introduction of a completely new product in a category in which the marketer was already present; involvement of consumers in product development, etc.


The jury will assess the results in the context of business challenge set out by the entrepreneur, the action strategy developed to cope with it, and finally, the selection of tools that bring the effect of the action. Overriding values are a mix of implementation activities and the result achieved (assessed, of course, in terms of the effective employment of the available funds).


The jury will be composed of present and former Chairmen of the Effie Jury - experienced CEOs, Marketing Directors, as well as Heads of the Agencies, which achieved top places in the Effie rankings last year.


Examples of solutions, from Effie Poland, that could participate in this Effie category:


“SIMPLIFYING LANGUAGE AT ING” - where communications to consumers was only an element of the entire marketing solution (simplification of procedures, regulations, e-mail and helpline communications, trainings for helpline workers, for sales departments, etc.)


“A NEW WAY OF SELLING WINE AT SMALL SHOPS UNDER FAKTORIA WIN BRAND”- creation and implementation of a store-in-store concept under Faktoria Win brand, attractive for consumers and almost maintenance-free for the small store owners. A specially created shelf, which drew the concept from behind the counter and replaced the seller with a specially developed communications at the shelf, enabling the consumer to intuitively make sense of the offer. In addition, a shelf of “wines for all occasions” was created, where 5 main occasions to purchase wine were defined - as a gift, for a date, drinking to a meal, to relax and meeting with friends.