Euro Effie Forum

A showcase of the most effective works from the Euro Effie Awards 2017 & 2018

As marketing becomes increasingly driven by data and technology, brands and businesses are jumping onto multiple platforms in a bid to create engaging experiences and meaningful, lasting relationships with their customers. The ubiquitous technology and ongoing digital transformation present new opportunities for experimentation and innovation that may be more powerful and effective than before.

But how do marketers navigate through the complexities of the external environment to find what works for them? How can senior marketers build a culture of excellence within the organisation to achieve effectiveness that drives sales, profitability and ROI? What can we take away from successful examples in Europe?

The Euro Effie Forum is a flagship event conceived to further champion marketing effectiveness as well as to help promote and inculcate the effectiveness culture within clients and agencies. The first edition took place on 16 October 2018 with 6 cases, considered the best in class, presented by the agency and the client:

  1. McCann Manchester with Kevin the Carrot Making Christmas Amazing campaign
  2. Uncle Grey with campaign
  3. TRIAD Advertising with The Forgotten Day of Freedom campaign. You can download the presentation here.
  4. Lola MullenLowe with Magnum Pints campaign
  5. Ogilvy Social.Lab with The Mud Soldier campaign
  6. Learnings from Grey for winning an Euro Effie

The Forum has proven that there's a demand for Effie workshops to bring to life the learnings for the attendees on how to develop a great winning Effie case by taking them through the background issue, objectives, strategy and of course results. Stay tuned not to miss the next Forum!

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