Aleš Muhič

Aleš Muhič is one of the most experienced experts in media, advertising, media strategies and trends. He has been involved in the media field throughout his professional career, which began more than twenty years ago as Marketing Manager at Kanal A. After the merger of Kanal A with POP TV in 2000, he moved to Pro Plus, where he continues to successfully establish modern marketing approaches and create innovative formats, and is involved in the strategic development of the largest and most successful media company in the country. 

He was a member of the Board of EGTA – European Group of Television Advertising, he was actively involved in the co-creation of modern guidelines in the field of television and digital communication, and he also shared his knowledge and experience in various committees within the parent CME Group. He contributed to the development of the Slovenian advertising profession through his active support in practically all key marketing events. In 2019, he was awarded the title of Media Manager of the Year at the Sempl Festival. In 2023 he was awarded Advertising Personality of the Year by Slovenian Advertising Chamber.   

It adapts quickly to change, and uses innovation to connect the worlds of TV and digital. Pro Plus’ marketing solutions are both effective and creative, thanks to the work of its team, and most of all, they are trend-setters in the TV advertising market. And he understands very well that Pro Plus’ success is sure to be a success for those who want to advertise effectively. That is why he and his team of marketing experts help to co-create and successfully connect the advertising-agency world with the media through many innovative projects, which is also reflected in the national and international awards they have received. 

Today, Aleš Muhič is considered one of the greatest experts in the media market. The people he works with describe him as dedicated to the business, always ready for new challenges, developing his own and his team’s potential, and above all, an important contributor to the marketing profession. 

Statement by Aleš Muhič: 

“Media and advertising have always been my passion and after more than 20 years I can say with certainty that it is the most exciting and creative field for me to work in. I am extremely proud of the many projects I have been involved in, all of which have been tailored to the advertising needs of our business partners. In our industry, trust is everything. We understand that building strong partnerships takes time and effort and that there are no quick fixes. Our success is a team effort and we are well aware that the achievements of our business partners are also our own. Our media house, which produces the most popular content on Slovenian television, plays an important role in our work. We take this responsibility seriously and will continue to strive to meet their advertising needs and exceed their expectations.”