Andreja Zadnik Andoljšek

Andreja Zadnik Andoljšek is Director of Marketing Communications and Media at Mercator, leading retailer in Slovenia (part of Fortenova Group). She started her business career 25 years ago in the advertising agency where she participated in projects for many international and domestic clients in Slovenia and Adriatic region.  After years of working on the agency side of the advertising triangle, her business path took her to the client’s side. She is an expert in corporate and brand management, marketing strategy, marketing communications and customer relationship management.   

Hers marketing communication department is key to setting up the annual marketing strategy and the preparation of the marketing plan, marketing activities and brand related projects. The area she manages also includes setting up a communication and media strategy, managing advertising activities and media planning and buying. The work in her team is disciplinary, and her team plays a strong coordinating role in projects between different work areas in Mercator.  

In her work, she defends the clarity and transparency of communication with the consumer, the consistency of communication and advertising messages and consideration of established advertising standards and good practices in the industry. She was a member of the Organizational Committee of Slovene Advertising Festival, a member of the Slovenian Advertising Tribunal and is a member of the Association of Slovene Advertisers, which she chaired for the past 2 years.  She also participated in juries at various Slovene marketing festivals and events. So far she has received 4 Slovenian Effie awards: Gold, 2x Silver and Bronze.