Giorgio Minelli

22 years of marketing experience, both locally and internationally. Worked and lived in 3 countries (France, Portugal and Italy) leading marketing multinational teams and managing both global and local brands. Able to experience all the marketing tools, from product development (with direct and continuous relationships with R & D) to the definition of positioning and repositioning, the definition of long and short term marketing plans, packaging and brand image development, the development of large marketing communications campaigns to 360 ° including digital. Today live and work in Milan as Marketing Director and European Business Snack Director within the Lactalis Nestlé joint venture on the chilled dairy business (yoghurt / desserts) shaping and driving the marketing strategies for the Italian business on brands like Fruttolo, Nesquik, Smarties, Parmalat, Malù, Zymil, Lindahls and coordinating 10 countries around the fresh snack business. Main strengths are the ability to connect a long-term strategic vision of the brand with a short-term pragmatic quest on the sales results, the ability to establish good relations within the team and with other features, a large openness to other cultures and an extraordinary ability to adapt to changes. Love everything around branding and communication with a special focus on design, advertising and new medias as evolved ways to connect with people being them consumers or customers.