Line Dillon

Meet Line Dillon, Tony’s Marketing Lead for DACH & Nordics. Known as Tony’s
Chocommunication Queen, Line brings chocolate-covered joy to chocolate fans in
German-speaking countries and the Nordics. With a strong background in marketing
and branding from innocent drinks, Line’s mission at Tony’s is crystal clear: raise
awareness for the issues in cocoa farming and build the brand by shaping Tony’s
voice and visibility in her markets. In a nutshell, Line captures the hearts of
chocolate lovers, making them fall for Tony’s.

She’s proud of leading Tony’s first paid media campaign, “Wir müssen reden,” and in
the three years at Tony’s, she managed to grow brand awareness from close to 0% to
an impressive 54%. Line also spearheaded the recent “Tony’s Fair Alternative”
campaign in Germany and Austria, which provoked a response from Mondelez and
led to the viral sensation “Pay Farmers, Not Lawyers.”
After work, Line enjoys a flute of bubbly or a glass of Austrian white. Her dream? To
let the wind carry her around the Galapagos Islands. Aye aye, Captain Line