Magdalena Sielachowicz-Nowakowska

She gained experience, among others: for 8 years of working at PlayStation and now at Samsung Electronics Polska, for almost 10 years, she has shown that you have to focus on constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Transform each subsequent step into knowledge, experience and a new perspective, into effective and ROI based actions. It is important to keep motivation and creativity at a high level with a constant hunger for new tools and self-inspiration. Everyone. For her, being a marketer means getting to know what people need, how to talk to them, respecting their intelligence and time. Therefore, she tries to create unusual solutions that tickle the imagination, at the same time breaking down certain stereotypes and changing the beaten path. These include campaigns for Galaxy devices with the increasingly developing experience marketing inspired by US advertising culture. Based on an unusual and non-obvious story supported by specific, real insight. What she values ​​most at work is the challenge of addressing the needs of younger consumers, which she approaches with passion, fascination, commitment and respect. For her, the most important goal is that the brand, despite the passage of time on the market, remains modern, understanding the recipient, aware of changes and showing new perspectives – she wants to create paths from which others can benefit.