Mélanie Decelle, Group Brand Equity & Innovation Director, Spadel

After obtaining a Master’s degree in Applied Economics (with a specialization in Marketing) and a Master’s degree in Financial Economics from Louvain School of Management, Mélanie Decelle began her career at Unilever. This true ‘marketing school’ allowed her to work across different categories, including Food and Home Care, ultimately managing the Dove brand for the Benelux region and its ‘Campaign for Real Beauties.’ 

In 2008, Mélanie joined The Coca-Cola Company, initially overseeing the Fanta brand at the local level and later at the European level. There, she honed her storytelling skills, emphasizing campaign fluidity, coherence, and brand love. She then became a Marketing Manager for Coca-Cola within the European structure, working on iconic campaigns such as ‘Christmas’ and the ‘100th Anniversary of the Contour Bottle.’ 

In 2016, Mélanie joined Bacardi-Martini, a family-owned company. As Brand Director for Northern Europe, she took charge of the Bacardi brand and its legendary rums. She further successfully led a significant ‘Capability Building’ initiative for the company’s global marketing and sales community. 

Returning to the Belgian local market in 2019, Mélanie became the head of the Brand Equity & Innovation team at Spadel Group, a family-owned business specializing in healthy and natural beverages. With her team, she oversees the marketing strategy for the group’s brands, develops their communication platforms, and leads the innovation and diversification strategy.