Serhii Kostia

 Serhii Kostia is the Regional Marketing Manager for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Asia at Bolt, where he oversees marketing operations across 12 countries. With over a decade of experience in marketing and advertising, Serhii has built a robust career specializing in analytics, strategy, marketing effectiveness, brand awareness, communication, crisis communication, and employer branding. Prior to his current role, Serhii made significant contributions to Bolt’s success, earning five Effie Awards, including two prestigious Gold Euro Effie Awards in the IT/Telecom category. His expertise and innovative approach have also been recognized by other notable industry accolades such as Epica, KIAF, and MMR awards. Outside his professional achievements, Serhii has a passion for collecting Harry Potter books, boasting a collection of over 100 volumes. He dedicates his free time to studying architecture and is currently pursuing a PhD from a business perspective. Known for his commitment to cost-effectiveness, Serhii lives by the philosophy that “everything can be measured,” ensuring that even the immeasurable aspects are accounted for. Serhii’s dedication to his craft and continuous pursuit of knowledge position him as a leading figure in the marketing industry, driving both innovation and efficiency in every endeavour he undertakes.