Søren Christensen, Strategy Director, Robert/Boisen& Likeminded

Søren is the Strategy Director and a part-owner of the independent agency, Robert/Boisen & Like-minded. This agency has been voted as the most creative agency by Danish advertisers for 11 consecutive years (2011–2021, according to MyResearch) and is the all-time most-winning agency of the Advertising Effectiveness Award (now Effie) in Denmark.  

Søren has been instrumental in creating award-winning work at Cannes Lions, Epica, Eurobest, Lovies, Bees Awards, Frontier Awards, Webby Awards, Creative Circle Awards, Danish Internet Awards, Danish Digital Awards, and True Awards. He has served as a jurymember at the Danish Internet Award, Creative Circle Award, and Eurobest, and as a jury group leader at the Danish Digital Awards for six consecutive years.