Velimira Petrova

With over 20 years of experience in media and sales in Bulgaria and South East Europe, Velimira Petrova holds the key role of Sales Director at bTV Media Group. After many years in telecommunications, media and advertising in the multi-platform environment of radio, TV and digital sales, as well as with international experience as Group Commercial Director of an international advertising agency for South East Europe, she is responsible for the monetization of all media products at bTV Media Group, where her career path in the media sphere began in the first place. 

Thanks to her in-depth holistic view of the entire industry, in the context of its dynamic environment, Velimira approaches with the well-established understanding that the success and effectiveness of advertising is a product of the joint efforts between brand, media and agency, and the way to reach consumers as their super partner is at the communication point where the needs of all parties meet.