Veronika Romsauer

As a child of psychiatrist and archaeologist, I was born with the constant curiosity for human behavior, their motivations behind their actions and reactions. Now implementing this passion in real life, for almost 17 years, faithfully under one roof of the Istropolitana Ogilvy Communication Group.  

Working as a strategic planner in Istropolitana Ogilvy CG means being a proud member of strategic & consulting team for more agencies in both Slovakia and Czech Republic, for traditional full service agency as well as digital & media agencies. 

I have contributed to many successful campaigns of the group, 5 of them winning national gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze Effie. One of them reached bronze in Effie Awards Europe, in 2021. 

I have been part of several Effie juries in the last 12 years, 1x Effie Worldwide, 4x national Effie 2nd round, 4x national Effie 1st round.