CASE STUDY: Tomorrow’s Water

CASE STUDY: Tomorrow's Water

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In the spotlight: Tomorrow's Water, 2021 Gold Effie Winner!

Tomorrow's Water

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Turkey will be a water poor in the near future. And people waste like there is no tomorrow. Every year, we waste water equal to the size of a lake, on needless pre-rinsing. To save tomorrow's water and start a movement, Finish started an integrated water preservation campaign.

Glasses that show how much water remained in dried lakes, Turkey's first ever docu-drama "25 Litres", the ad campaign, the website on which users can calculate the footprint and a project which saved once a dried-up lake.


"One million people visited the website, 365k people promised to save 15 million tons of water."

The unconscious water consumption became one of the most talked-about topics in Turkey. The campaign reached 18.3 million views in total and earned 8 Million TL in PR value. With the "Promise" campaign, a total of 365,000 people have promised to save 15 million tons of water.


"Great combination of social and business goals and results - the balance between them is key in this category. Great strategy and ideas, delivered through diversified media strategy - from outstanding PR activities and collaboration with media to traditional mass media campaign."

"Very powerful case of brand with a purpose that wins in the hearts and minds of the consumers. The idea is strongly routed in insights and executed very thought through in several steps engaging with different stakeholders."

"The "simple" challenge of getting people to rinse less grew into a cause much greater and a campaign that transcended the category. Brilliant campaign!"

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