CASE STUDY: Cycling Struggles

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In the spotlight: Cycling Struggles, 2021 Gold Effie Winner!

Cycling Struggles



Chainring Studios, Isadore's in-house marketing team

Sales at Isadore’s e-shop stagnated. We have to build not only higher awareness, but generate greater interest in the brand.

The brand attack the conservative category by new emotion, insightful humour of real everyday life of cyclists and make Isadore brand very distinctive. They combine emotional Brand Awareness and persuasive Sales Activations in short period. Thanks to this, Isadore create not only awareness, but active interest in the brand. They grew faster than category and break the sales records.

Cycling Struggles

Online revenue on key EU markets 2019 vs. 2020:
• DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) +97%
• Slovak and Czech Republic +73%
• Rest of Europe +19%

Campaign brings sales records
Total online revenue growth (Year-over-Year):
• during campaing +177%
• after campaing +186,5%
Creates active interest in brand
Isadore outran key competitors and grew faster than interest in growing category.
Campaign boost consideration of the brand
• Purchase Intent +52%
• Improved Brand Perception +49%
Strategic idea bring effective media planning
The TV spot has 35% higher Ad recall with a lower media budget compared to the direct competitor who aired a campaign during the Tour de France as well. The TV spot has high likeability, customers rate it 8,5/10.


"Really stand out of the rest - daring to take another pov on a lifestyle of cycling. Clear ambition setting, very smart targeted approach with clear conversion. I love it."

"Challenges and context were very well described, we could very clearly understand the market situation and position of the brand. A strategic idea was born from good insight and was a logical response to stated challenges."

"I really liked your stand-out from competitors strategy by showing the authenticity of cycling. It's valueing the consumers and makes them tick. Grasping the momentum of the TDF was smart!"

"I like the story of the brand and the simplicity of its communication. Clear, fresh & honest campaign with true insights. Impressive results of the revenue growth and new customers increase from many countries. Usage of tv channels and sport events to grab attention of real fans of the cycling!"

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