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In the spotlight: Undercover Avatar, 2021 Gold & Silver Effie Winner!

Undercover Avatar

Positive Change Europe: Social Good - Non-Profit (Gold Effie)
Small Budget (Silver Effie)

Association L'Enfant Bleu

Havas Sports & Entertainment

A lot of associations work everyday to protect children. They all have the same goal, but they also need proper awareness to attract more donations and to get more fundings. L’Enfant Bleu wanted to take the floor during an even more threatened period for children. But they also wanted to innovate in order to help children in an efficient way. The association had 3 main objectives: save children, raise awareness, attract more fundings.


"1200 children talked to us. The Government decided to launch a taskforce to make videogames part of children protection system."

Between March and April 2020, violences against children increased by 50%. Locked down with their abusers, children were almost trapped during this crisis. Association L’Enfant Bleu wanted to free their words in a secure and undercover way.

Video games, free speech space by nature, and especially Fortnite, appeared as the perfect safe zone.

By creating an in-game character on Fortnite, the children’s most popular video game, they imagined an activation that truly saved lives.

They helped 1200 childrens in France without spending 1 single euro.


"Fantastic idea. It is a new, very careful way of starting a dialogue with children on such a tough topic. Creating an avatar in a video game and putting professionals behind, to offer help is truly an innovative way for one association."

"I loved this campaign. So innovative and excellent use of creativity."

"Outstanding. Great reading of the target, insight, crafting!"

"The strongest element is the insight: using a channel where parents don't come. Genius! Sharing of the content afterwards to inform public and government. Reaching an impact with a very limited budget by being relevant and using the right channel in the right way!"

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