Case Study: Stop Femicide!

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Stop femicide!

2022 Gold Effie Winner

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Stop femicide!

Best of Europe: Positive Change

Women's Rights Center

Dziadek do orzechów & OTO Film

Every year in Poland up to 500 women die as a result of domestic violence. In a campaign for the Women’s Rights Center, Dziadek do orzechów shines light on the many obstacles women in Poland come across when trying to escape their abusers through the use of a quite graphic video that follows the struggles of a woman in such circumstances.

"And your husband beats you up just like that?” A policeman asks the woman, face bloodied and frantic, as she reports the violence. “You know it will be a serious issue if you report it, right?” He goes on, rather than taking the claim seriously.

“Oh, young lady! What will you do without him with your low salary?” questions the Prosecutor of the case, as if trying to make the woman question her decision.

“Do you want your children to have a criminal as a father?” asks her a neighbour, rather than being concerned at the appearance of the beaten woman.

“Everyone has to bear their own cross.” Says her priest when the woman goes to him for refuge and advice, reminding her that she vowed to stay by his side in front of God.

“Maybe you could cover your face?” Is the advice from another neighbour, gesticulating towards her bruised and bloodied appearance.

“Don’t destroy all we have built until now”, begs her husband, promising he would never hit her again.

The video provocatively portrays the victim as the guilty party, as she gets blamed and shamed by the society around her. Published on social media, it clearly illustrates how all the people and institutions that are supposed to help women that find themselves in this situation instead are just another barrier in their path to safety and freedom. At the same time, Women Rights Center is portrayed as organization doing the job state authorities should.


The best and most effective campaign in the history of all polish feminist organisations.

With the budget of 17,000 PLN, they've earned donations worth 906,400 PLN.


The video rapidly went viral on social media, turning out to have the widest reach of all feminist organisations in Polish history and was mentioned in the biggest Polish websites, online magazines, television, radio as well as shared on social media by influencers. As a result, the Women’s Rights Center total amount of donations multiplied by over tenfold with a ROI = 5097%.

Thanks to the campaign, a petition addressed to the Prime Minister of the Polish Government by the Women’s Rights Center accumulated over 14000 signatures, exceeding their goal in a matter of days.

As an unplanned result, the campaign also contributed to the spread of the word “femicide” (PL: "Kobietobójstwo") in everyday Polish life. According to data from Google, before October 2020, there were 479 materials on the Internet with the word "Femicide". Currently, there are now around 9,340 of them in total.

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"The insight and creative idea of "femicide", the evidence of results shows how much this idea spoke to the hearts and minds of many Polish people."

"A new take on femicide that goes further than "just" women."

"The clarity of the insight and idea. The donation component of the results section. And the impact in the real world with the introduction / popularisation of Femicide term into everyday life."

"The results! Tangible, well sourced and well explained results."

"The creative was strong and well thought out with great reach and cut through."