Corentin Monot,Chief Creative Strategy Officer, Accenture Song France

Corentin Monot is the Chief Creative Strategy Officer at Accenture Song in France. 

Even if he failed miserably to make a career in Rugby, he has kept a strong sport mentality. 

His work philosophy is to help brand and companies to grow for getting better. 

Here are the 5 grow for getting better rules. 

1- Keep training. Born and raised in Lyon, France, Corentin started to work in the UK, in London where he learnt brand strategy and planning at AKQA and The Brooklyn Brothers.  
He was trained at the APG training network. Later he was trained in management for young leaders at the TBWA Tiger Academy. Since 2014, he is a teacher at Sciences Po Paris in the School of management and innovation. 

2- Digital roots. Corentin started his career in digital agencies in 2005. At AKQA and Duke Razorfish. It gave him a doer mentality, focusing on coming up with concrete solutions rather than getting stuck in the world of marketing theories. 

3- Multicultural approach. Corentin has worked in the Uk and in France and he was lucky enough to work on a few global projects. McDonald’s & Michelin at TBWA, Mars Food, Foot Locker & Tropicana at BBDO and Peugeot at Accenture Song.  

4- Long term brand building. The true strategy and planning value implies helping brands evolve to keep up with the world most important challenges. For instance: How could Nike use technology to encourage people to run more? How could Michelin justify its premium leveraging their successful motorsport strategy? How should Foot Locker reinforce its retailer strategy, avoiding disintermediation, by using social media? How could Peugeot transform becoming a genuine EV leader? 

5- Business x Tech x Creativity. We are living a relevance crisis. In an ever-changing environment we need to evolve in the way we work. Beyond being consumer centric, we have to be life centric: using business, technology and creativity to help brand. Being life centric means helping brand transform at the intersection of culture, politics, environment, society, health & economy.