Gísli S. Brynólfsson

Gísli S. Brynjólfsson is the Director of Global Marketing for Icelandair, where he spearheads strategic initiatives to enhance the airline’s global presence and competitive edge. Icelandair, a leading carrier known for connecting Europe and North America via Iceland, benefits from Gisli’s visionary leadership and innovative marketing strategies that emphasize both customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Before joining Icelandair, Gisli spent 15 years as a branding consultant and Managing Director at Hvita Húsið, an affiliate of Fleishman Hillard and one of Iceland’s premier advertising agencies. During his tenure, he worked with numerous prominent local and international brands, including Mastercard, American Express, Volkswagen, Visa, and Vodafone. His expertise in corporate rebranding enabled him to craft compelling marketing campaigns that resonated across diverse markets, showcasing his ability to blend creativity with strategic insights.

Gisli holds a master’s degree in international business from Grenoble Ecole de Management and a BSc in international marketing from Reykjavik University. His academic background, combined with extensive industry experience, has equipped him with a deep understanding of global market dynamics and consumer behavior.