Kostas Verveniotis, Head of Strategy, The Newtons Laboratory

Hi I am Kostas.  

My current role is the Head of Strategy in one of the biggest advertising and communication agencies in Greece, the Newtons Laboratory.  

The last 20 years I have worked for numerous clients and projects for all kind of sectors. Local brands, global brands. Small brands big brands. Every project had its challenges, and every project was one more step in my journey in the industry.  

My journey in the industry starts 20 years ago. I first joined a research agency. My love for communication made me after 2 years to move to advertising as a planner. I have worked since then for Ogilvy Greece, Leo Burnett Greece and from 2011 up to now, I am in an agency I call home, the Newtons Laboratory.  

I have been a judge for Effie Awards in the past as well as judge for “Global Best of the Best Effie Awards”. 

I identify myself as a communication addict. I love working in this industry. I love learning about people, brands and the world. I try to always stay curious for new things. As a planner this is also part of my job so let’s say I am a happy person.