Mitja Tuskej

Mitja Tuskej entered into communication agency business in 1992 when he became a partner at Formitas agency. He is known as a regional branding expert. Expertise, analytics and in-depth insights into brands and consumers are his specialty. Putting complex data into a logical framework is his biggest advantage. 

Its professional guiding principle is based on the sentence of Mrs. Suzan Fournier that the brand does not have its own objective existence as the brand is only a collection of perceptions that customers carry in their heads. That is why his work is based on an in-depth study of perceptions of competing brands, which serve as a basis for knowledge of three key elements of a brand: its key perceived attributes, key perceived values and key perceived personality. 

As an executive director of Formitas Group’s media agency he also developed methodologies on more efficient and effective implementation of brand strategies into media strategies. He has built the econometrical model which is able to define all elements of optimal brand media investments from budget definition to budget split among channels and media.  

He wrote two books, “No friends, no brands” which was chosen as a marketing book of the year 2016 in Slovenia, and “Hocus – Pocus: Focus”, about how to prepare focused media strategy.  

He was the leader of Effie Slovenia 2020 and Effie Slovenia 2023 competition. The Slovenian Advertising Chamber awarded him in 2022 with the title ‘The Advertising Personality’.