Gergana Ivanova 

Gergana Ivanova is a co-founder and managing partner of The Smarts group – independent group of agencies, consisting of The Smarts advertising agency, IQMedia, Paragraph 42 PR agency and audio-video production company Shoot.   Gergana has more than 20 years of experience in the communication industry in Bulgaria. Her professional carrier started in advertising in […]

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Ben Gibson

Ben started his career refining his craft as a designer, then quickly shifted into art direction and advertising. While focused on thought-provoking ideas and collaborating with major production players, he continued to utilise his design and branding expertise to cultivate a varied portfolio. Over the past year he not only picked up metal at top-tier […]

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Jordan Blood

Jordan leads the global design output for Girl&Bear and the VCCP Group. With a passion for craft and technology, his career has spanned motion graphics studios, digital design companies, and branding agencies. However, it was in Adland that he found the perfect environment to integrate all these skills under one roof. Promoted to the role […]

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Gísli S. Brynólfsson

Gísli S. Brynjólfsson is the Director of Global Marketing for Icelandair, where he spearheads strategic initiatives to enhance the airline’s global presence and competitive edge. Icelandair, a leading carrier known for connecting Europe and North America via Iceland, benefits from Gisli’s visionary leadership and innovative marketing strategies that emphasize both customer engagement and brand loyalty. […]

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Leena Koskinen

Leena is from the happiest country of the world. She represents the biggest media house in Finland, which has a huge role in safeguarding the future of democracy. Leena has over 25 years of marketing experience as advertiser, from agency side and currently in B2B and media.   In her current role Leena has a big […]

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Richard Nall

Richard Nall has a BA (Hons) Business with Marketing from the University of Sunderland and an MA in Organisational Leadership from Henley Business School.  A highly experienced CPG marketer, he has managed leading brands in the UK and internationally over a 30 career.   Starting out at Fonterra, his career has taken him to blue […]

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Eyrún Huld Harðardóttir

Eyrún brings enthusiasm and expertise in branding, marketing strategy and customer experience in her role at Síminn, the largest media and telecommunication company in Iceland, founded in 1906. She’s managing a team whose expertise encompasses marketing, event organizing, branding, social & email marketing, media marketing, customer journeys and graphic design. Over her career, Eyrún has been in […]

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Kamil Górecki

Kamil Górecki is the co-founder of the gaming marketing agency Fantasyexpo, which encompasses different brands such as WERE Fantasy, GX Studio, GX Events, and CD-Action Magazine.  He likely knows everything there is to know about gaming and esports. Building relationships with streamers and YouTubers is his specialty. He is responsible for developing relationships with influencers […]

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Alexander Faxø 

Alexander is a Senior Brand Activation Strategist at Robert/Boisen & Like-minded, an independent Danish agency. In his role, Alexander collaborates with a diverse portfolio of commercial clients, as well as numerous NGOs and governmental organizations dedicated to driving positive change. Some notable clients include the Danish Cancer Society and the Danish Patent & Trademark Office. […]

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Nicoletta Stefanidou 

Nicoletta Stefanidou Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Tinker Tailor  GmbH, Zürich and Hong Kong. In her journey to becoming chief creative  officer of the global digital agency Tinker Tailor, Nicoletta Stefanidou has  worked across countries and continents, from career beginnings in  Germany to leading and inspiring creative teams in London, Singapore,  Hong Kong, Dubai and […]

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