CASE STUDY: Stranger 80’s

CASE STUDY: Stranger 80's

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In the spotlight: Stranger 80's, 2021 Silver & Bronze Effie Winner!

Stranger 80's

Best of Europe: Media, Leisure & Entertainment (Silver Effie)
Best of Europe: Media Innovation/Idea (Bronze Effie)

Netflix Italy


Netflix's most successful show is Stranger Things. The task was to launch season 3 of Stranger Things, whose plot pays homage to the 80's. To generate a national conversation they had to raise awareness of the series widening the target from 18-34 to 18-44 yrs.

Mediaset editor (italia 1 owner) had always perceived OTTs and Netflix as a competitor. The idea of hacking their channel was provocative and seemed impossibile. Leveraging on the fluidity of demographics moving from Netflix to Italia 1 (main national 18-44 channel), and Italia 1 to Netflix was the win-win idea which made this platform possibile.

netflix 2

ST3 campaign was reported in Italian media with words as:
Well done,
Pure genious.

The insight was to use Mediaset Italia1 national tv channel which has a high penetration on YA and its 80's early days fans (+35 yrs). Provocative use of media was to HACK its historical programming to their purpose and let it rerun 80's ST3 referenced movies all day long while interspersing Netflix ads.

The results were astonishing and far exceeded the expectations. Not only the tv spots were so effective that their remembrance increased awareness for the ST3 series over + 15%. But even more surprisingly +116% (vs 15% expected) of the viewers were aware of the release date. Referring to consideration they earned +30% of viewers while +34% appreciated the original initiative so much that they decided to join Netflix.

WHY A SILVER EFFIE? Here's what the jurors said.

"Brilliant idea of cooperation between Netflix and Italy 1 to achieve the enlarged TA. Identification of the 2 different TA groups and how to approach them (those who are fascinated by the 80's vs. those who have personal nostalgic attachments to the 80's because they have lived them)."

"Love the strategy and idea of cooperation between two rivals."

"Reaching both younger and older target audience clusters, enabling a win-win scenario for both Netflix as well as the TV station. Great phasing of the campaign (pre - launch - post) and the use of innovative formats on TV channel."

"Really strong, data based targeting and a great idea that was strategically anchored and audience led. Great work!"