CASE STUDY: Canon Truthmark

CASE STUDY: Canon Truthmark

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In the spotlight: 2021 double Silver & Bronze Effie Winner!

Canon Truthmark

FMCG & Small Budget (Silver Effie)
Marketing Innovation Solutions (Bronze Effie)

Canon Nordics

Uncle Grey

In today’s world of deep-fakes, photoshop and fake news, images are increasingly misused. Photographers, whose raison d'être is to document reality, have little power over how to protect their imagery.

For Canon to reconnect with its core audience, Uncle Grey created Truthmark – a platform functioning like an “image bank of truth”. Here photographers can upload and protect their photos by attaching the real story behind.

In doing so, they showed how a category-relevant insight can infuse a brand with a new purpose and increase market share from 26% to 33.5%.

canon 2 visual

Canon reconnected with the target audience and increased market share from 26% to 33,5%.

Truthmark was first targeted towards Canon photographers but opened up, and the initiative received an immediate response from the photographic community. The database now features images from photographers in countries all over the world including Israel, Russia, and The United States. Enthusiasm in the community went as far as photographers starting to advocate and act as ambassadors for the platform.

The initiative also caught the eye of photographers and international media and is endorsed and recommended by the Press Photographers Association. As a result, the newly launched R5 and R6 cameras from Canon's pro range received immediate attention upon launch, and Canon became relevant to a target group they had neglected.

Key results:
50+ million reached
15+ million views
100+ international media pick-ups
Market share increased from 26% to 33,5%
Sales index: 172 (Year-on-Year)

WHY A MULTIPLE EFFIE WINNER? Here's what the jurors said.

"Excellent cultural insight, with strong impact on relevant societal topics valid for all countries - leading to the fight against fake news. Selection of media types fitting the target group. Great results."

"A laudable aim. Using the available budget in a way to generate attention and positive change."

"The idea at the base of the campaign is very powerful, especially in times like this. The insight is very sharp and perfectly suited for the target. The construction of the case is well thought. Excellent work."

"The strategy and idea are really gold. I like how the brand has been able to turn marketing into a tool that is helpful for photographers and the society. It's so easy to see how this creates a unique connection."

"The scale of impact: from photography professionals to media consumers in general. I believe the time will show if this platform may grow into a long-term functional solution and I wish it happens!"